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V- Shape Premium Egde Guard Roll with Fibreglass Tape


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Adore baby child proofing products help babies stay protected from sharp edges, doors, shelfs that result in cuts, bruise. Adore child proofing helps your baby stay safe while playing!


Key Features

  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for all kinds of furniture i.e wood, metal, glass, stone (marble, granite) as well as metal
  • Made from soft raw material, which provides appropriate cushioning. So it absorbs the shock and minimizes the impact of bumps and bruises
  • Non toxic so child is safe
  • Difficult for kids to pull it out

Brand – Adore
Type – Child Proofing Edge Guard
Dimensions – 3.96 Meters
Diameter – 63.5 cm
Square – 43.18 cm
Packing Dimension – 21.5 x 14 x 3.5 cm
Material – EVA

Product Description:
Adore Child Proofing Edge Protector is made of soft and non toxic material which provides the desired cushioning to the sharp edges of dining table or center table, bed board or sides, cupboard edges, which can injure children. These sharp angles not just causes bruises but may harm the delicate eyes or can cause serious head injury. The delicate design and sleek look of Adore Thick Guard roll provides safety for your kids, while taking due care of the aesthetic of your Sweet Home. 

Items Included in Package
1 Child Proofing Edge Guard

Caution: All child products are not substitute for adult supervision, but just a precautionary measure.

Note – This product comes in variety of colours. The ones available will be shipped to you

Country of Origin: Peoples Republic of China

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