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Stack On Breast Pump


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* Adore Stack On Breast Pump. * BPA Free. * Sterilizer Friendly. * Warmer Friendly Bottle. * Can be used to store baby milk and food. * Can be used as a Feeding bottle. * Can be used a Breast Pump. * Can be used to Stack baby food ( Stackable cups help in saving space ). * Contents In The Box: 3* Stackable Cups with Lids. 1* Fixator. 1* Bottle Teat with Cap. 1* Breast Pump. Freebies Included: 6* Adore Disposable Breast Pads. 1* Adore Microwave Sterilizer Bag. How to use: * To use as a Breast Pump- Just take cup and fix the fixator and fix the part to the breast pump. * To stack cups one above the other – Just place one cup above the other and twist gently to lock the position. * To Use a feeding bottle- Just take a cup and fix the fixator to the cup and then the bottle cap with teat.

Dimensions 70 × 60 × 85 cm
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