Robo Dobo Oral Care Kit with Storage Case Blue


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Adore Presents the all new Robo Dobo Kids oral care kit with Antibacterial Storage Case. This Toothbrush is made from premium grade extra soft bristles with a comfy and subtle head that helps kids brush with ease. These bristles are gentle on teeth and gum and provides maximum protection to teeth. This toothbrush comes with a safety case for hygiene and has suction cup at the base to store aside after use. Moomba Tongue cleaner effectively eliminates bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath. Kacchi Khairi Toothpaste is calcium-based toothpaste and is fluoride free. This Toothpaste helps in removing plaque and helps to aid in fresh breathe. Antibacterial storage case is made from Food grade material and protects from all types of Germs and Bacteria. Free Finer Ring! Catch the all-new attractive designs now!

Dimensions 15 cm
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