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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml


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Adore Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil is 100% Pure, Raw, Wet- Milled, Cold Pressed and Natural Fermented Oil. This Oil is highly versatile that can be used to condition the skin and hair. An ideal moisturizer for the body, it makes the skin smooth and even textured. Adore Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil is loaded with health benefits, including its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is undoubtedly the most nourishing oil you can use on your little one?s skin. The molecular structure of the coconut oil allows for easy absorption on the skin. Features: Applications: – Body Massage for all ages. – Diaper Rash oil. – Hair Treatment. – Dry and Chapped Lips. – Insect Bites. Baby Acne. – Chest Rub for Cold. – Teething Pain. – Eczema. – For Bumps, Burns, Cuts and Cradle Cap.

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