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Oral Care Kit


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Key Features:

  • Comes with Anti-slip handles to hold it comfortably.
  • Soft tongue cleaner gently removes milk coating from the tongue, cleaning off bacteria.
  • Comes with training, tongue cleanser, double-sided brush & protective ring
  • Double-sided ultra toothbrush head can massage & clean babies’ teeth without hurting
  • The protective ring prevents the toothbrush from entering the mouth too deep & avoids choking
  • Help clean teeth effectively & thoroughly, prevent tooth decay & oral problems
Brand – Adore
Type – Training Toothbrush set
Age – 3 to 24 Months
Packing Dimension – L 10 x B 2.5 x H 19.5 cm
Big Brush Height – L 12.5 x B 6 cm
Small Brush Height – L 10.5 x B 6 cm
Tongue cleaner – 10.5 cm
Product Description:
Adore 3 Stage Oral care kit is Specially designed for an effective & comfortable start toward a baby’s good oral hygiene. Comes with a training brush, tongue cleanser, double-sided brush & protective ring for your kids. BPA-free, and comes with an anti-slip handle.
Training session: 1
Tongue cleaner gently cleans baby’s tongue and gums, and removes the milk residual and coating on the tongues.
Training session: 2
To practice holding the toothbrush properly and inserting the toothbrush into the mouth
Soft Bristles to help clean baby’s teeth & gums gently
Soft textured grip so that it is easy for baby to hold
Attachable safety shield to prevent choking
Training session: 3
Practice brushing the molar teeth properly
Made from fine nylon bristles that are much softer than adult toothbrush
Broaden handle-end that serves to indicate how deep the toothbrush is inserted
Attachable safety shield to prevent choking
Items included in the pack:
1 training brush, 1 tongue cleaner, 1 double-sided brush

Country of Origin: India

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