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Baby Anti Bacterial Laundry Bar


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Key Features:
Good for baby clothes & fabrics, including bedding, blankets, sheets, towels, Swaddlers, burp cloths, and more
Safe and convenient for hand wash
Making it easy and convenient for parents.
Anti-Bacterial: Kills commonly found bacteria and fungi that can get attached to baby’s clothes from sweat, drool, food spillage, etc. thus keeping them germ-free and safe for baby.

Brand – Adore
Type – Baby Laundry Soap
Quantity – 125 gm

Product Description:
Adore Baby Antibacterial laundry soap is a next-generation baby cologne scented low foaming, chlorine-free, antibacterial, soft laundry soap which is blended with rinsing additives, optical brighteners, and anti-redeposition agents.It is specially formulated for babies for extra care. It comes with the goodness of coconut and palm oil that is absolutely safe on the hands. It removes stains and smells gently from the sheets, baby accessories, baby diapers, and baby clothes. Adore Baby Antibacterial Laundry Soap comes with a pleasant soothing fragrance that lasts longer.

Items included in the Package:
 Anti-bacterial Laundry Soap
Country of Origin: India

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